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Getting Involved at Columbia Yacht Club. 

Standing Committees

Columbia's By-Laws created the following committees and are considered standing:

Activities Committee 

Shall provide and take charge of all entertainment at or events held or sponsored by the Club, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. It shall arrange for and manage such dinners, dances, and other social functions as in its judgment will be conductive to the welfare of the Club and the pleasure of the members. Email Activities Committee

Bar & Grill Committee

Advises the Board of Directors and Stewards Committee in the successful operation of the bar and dining room. The General Manager and staff run the day-to-day operation and the committee consults with and advises the General Manager about ways to enhance the bar and food service for the club members. The Bar and Grill Committee works with the staff to provide an enjoyable experience for all the members. At the meetings they discuss suggestions, improvements, and issues as well as sometimes sampling Chef’s Cuisine. Email Bar and Grill Committee

By-Laws Committee

Advises the Board of Directors on issues arising and the updating of the Club’s By-Laws. The By-Laws Committee will meet from time to time as it becomes necessary to change the By-Laws due to a changing world. The By-Laws committee will report to the Secretary with suggested changes so that the Board may vote on the changes prior to bringing the changes to the general membership. Email Commodore

Dock Committee

Responsible for all matters concerning the general management and maintenance of the docking facilities. The Dock Committee, along with club management and the Dock Attendants, keep the docking facilities organized for the best use of the available space both with moored boats and storage of Penguins, Lasers, Vanguards, Optimists and dinghies. Furthermore, with the management and maintenance staff of the club, the Dock Committee maintains the safety of the docking facilities through replacing boards screws, and other general upkeep. When a problem arises from the misuse of the docking privileges, the Dock Committee has the power to impose penalties for violation of the Dock Rules. Email Dock Committee

Finance Committee

Has supervision over Club finances. It shall originate and prepare plans both for financing the current activities of the club and for the Club’s fixed and capital assets and obligations. It shall supervise the Club’s accounting and assure the property maintenance fees, and segregated funds or receipts, are segregated, reserved and used for the purposes for which they have been set aside. Email Finance Committee

House Committee

Responsible for the general management and control of the Club Ship, including all equipment, furnishings, fixtures and physical properties of the Club, and shall maintain the same in good operation condition and adequate to the needs of the members. It shall enforce rules for the conduct of the members and their use of the Club property. It shall receive and redress complaints regarding matters coming under its jurisdiction. Email House Committee

Membership Committee

Has the duty and such powers as may be necessary or appropriate to enable the Membership Committee to investigate the qualifications of all applicants for membership in the Club. The Membership Committee shall investigate and pass upon the qualifications of all candidates for membership, or reinstatement to membership and report their conclusions to the Board of Directors through the Secretary. It shall be the Committee’s duty to stimulate and encourage members to secure new applications for membership in the Club and to promote and manage all drive for new members. Email Membership Committee

Nominating Committee

Nominates at least one candidate for each elected office and position on the Board of Directors, the term of which will expire at the next annual meeting of members or for which a vacancy exists. The Nominating Committee shall make a report of its nominations at the October Regular Meeting of the members. 

Power Fleet Committee

Has complete charge of open houses, rendezvous, cruises, predicted log contests and power regattas. It shall submit, at a meeting of the powerboat owners, a schedule of events. It shall assume charge of all events scheduled for the powerboat owners of the club, providing the necessary judges and other offices. It shall enforce such rules and regulations as the boat owners may, from time to time adopt and shall decide all questions arising there under. Email Power Fleet 

Prize & Trophy Committee

Has charge of all matters relating to the procurement and disposition of prizes. It shall annually arrange to engrave the winners names on the permanent trophies and shall maintain them in good repair, procuring suitable medals, replicas, miniatures or other devices to be awarded to such winners for their permanent possession.

Publicity Committee

Has charge of all matters relating to publicity and the Club magazine and shall endeavor to obtain effective cooperation of the local newspapers, media and yachting periodicals in the cause of yachting, or for the welfare of the Club. Email Publicity Committee 

Race Management Committee

Has complete charge of sailboat races. It shall give reasonable consideration to recommendations of the power yacht and other sailing yacht committees as to the terms, conditions and conduct of all races, the eligibility of yachts and the recognition of division of rating groups, classes and fleets for purposes of competition and offering of prizes and trophies, including groupings for time prizes. The Race Management Committee shall be responsible for appointing a protest committee to decide protests concerning all races.  Email Race Committee

Sail Fleet Committee

Is composed of Columbia’s various fleets, which are active in their individual areas and also interact on occasion with joint ventures such as cruises, regattas, and parties. The Sail Fleet Captain oversees all fleets, particularly those involved in the racing aspects of sailing. Each One Design Fleet has a Fleet Captain to coordinate their specific activities. Columbia also has a Cruising Fleet and Power Fleet, each with a Fleet Captain who organizes the activities for their members and guests throughout the year.  Email Sail Fleet

Stewards Committee

Consists of the Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Rear-Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, the respective chairmen of the Bar & Grill Committee, Dock Committee, House Committee, Activities Committee and one Director chosen by the Directors from among the Directors. The Board of Directors may by resolution passed by a majority of the whole Board expand, limit or terminate the powers, authority or duties of the Steward Committee. In the absence of such resolution by the Board of Directors, the Stewards Committee shall file a report of all its action taken since the last preceding meeting of the Board of Directors. Email Stewards Committee


Additional Committees

  • Area III Race Committee
  • Associates Committee
  • Beer Can Race Committee
  • Boats Committee
  • Counter Sales Committee
  • Fleet Review Committee
  • Judge Advocate
  • Sailing School
  • Library Committee
  • Long Range Planning Committee
  • Mast Stepping Committee
  • Marine Education
  • Protest Committee
  • Safety Committee
  • Skipjacks


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