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Frequently Asked Questions About Membership in Columbia Yacht Club.  

  • Q. What do I need to do to become a member?
    • A. Our by-laws require that to join our Club, membership candidates must be sponsored by at least three current club members who are in good standing. If you do not know any Club members, our Membership Committee will be happy to introduce you to members as part of your orientation process. Along with your completed and signed membership application, please include a check or credit card for your initiation fee and first month's dues. After your application has been received, you will be contacted to schedule an orientation and Club tour. This process ensures that all prospective members understand the obligations of membership. Once this orientation is completed, your application will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for approval at their next scheduled meeting.
  • Q. What if I'm new to Chicago and I don't know any CYC members?
    • A. Columbia is proud of our reputation for being a very welcoming and friendly club. Our membership committee will be happy to meet with you and introduce you to other members who can sponsor your membership application. You'll find joining Columbia is a great way to meet new friends.
  • Q. How much does it cost to become a member?
    • A. Membership initiation fees and dues are based on each member's age and membership category.
  • Q. What categories of membership are available?
    • A. Adult members at Columbia Yacht Club fall into two categories: Regular Members and Associate Members. Regular Members have full voting privileges, can hold an Officer position, and have docking rights. A member who owns any interest in a boat moored within 35 miles of the Club Ship is required to be a Regular Member. Those who do not own boats are eligible to apply as Associate Members, though everyone is encouraged to apply for Regular membership. Members, their significant others, and children under the age of 21 enjoy all of the benefits of the Club. A member in good standing may bring guests to the Club as long as the member is present.
  • Q. What are membership requirements?
    • A. Columbia Yacht Club was formed to promote the sport of yachting, the sciences of seamanship and navigation, to conduct sailing and yachting activities and to maintain a suitable Club quarters for the entertainment and convenience of its members. Our members all have a common love of the sport of yachting, enjoying time with friends on the lake or on the Club Ship. As a member, you are encouraged to become an active participant in Club activities, but you are not required to do so.
  • Q. What does a membership include?
    • A. As a Regular or Associate member, you are entitled to all the rights and privileges at Columbia Yacht Club, including:
      • Access to the Club Ship 24/7
      • Dining privileges in the main dining room, outdoor dining on the bow and bar
      • Use of the Club's meeting rooms and party facilities with no usage fees 
      • Reciprocal privileges at yacht clubs around the world, as well as select private clubs
      • Ability to join all Club committees as active members
  • Q. If I don't live in the area, can I join as a Non-Resident member?
    • A. Our by-laws specifically state that no person can join Columbia Yacht Club as a Non-Resident member.
  • Q. As a member do I get a mooring or a slip?
    • A. The harbor system is run by the Chicago Park District and has no connection to any yacht club. Joining the Club does not secure any mooring privileges in the harbors. However, Columbia's docks offer water, shore power, and a friendly social atmosphere for Club members at no additional charge. Columbia maintains docks for our members' use; they are not a primary mooring and unattended docking times are limited. Columbia also offers docking space to visiting yachtsmen for a fee.