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As a member of Columbia Yacht Club, you can enjoy more than 700 yacht clubs around the world when travelling.

Each Yachting Club of America Registered Yacht & Sailing Club may have a different procedure for admitting reciprocal members. They may also have restrictions on areas that you are permitted to use (dock, dining room, bar, etc.)

Most clubs allow you to pay with a credit card during your visit, though some clubs will simply send an invoice back to Columbia and it will be applied to your account. In general, you can present your current-year membership card and sign in with the Club's Main Office. You can also request Janet Martinez, Office Manager, to call the Club and inform them of your arrival. Certain clubs may require a letter of good standing. This letter comes from a manager at Columbia and is sent to the reciprocating club to show that you are not delinquent in your payments and are of good moral character.

To request a letter of reciprocity, contact Janet Martinez at [email protected] or call (312) 938-3625 x100. When visiting a club, bring your current year member card and a valid state ID.

Enjoy the Reciprocity Map below to help plan your next trip!