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Columbia Yacht Club's friendly staff are here to help. Contact us today and let us make a great experience for you.  


All staff members can be reached via email, OR by calling 312-WET-DOCK (938-3625)

General Manager

Nick Philp

Ext. 121

[email protected]

Chef de Cuisine

Alberto Garcia

Ext. 111

al[email protected]

Food & Beverage Manager

Jeremy Thorton

Ext. 124

[email protected]

On the Water Director

Kurt Thomsen

Ext. 123

[email protected]

Sailing Program Manager

Katie Tinder

Ext. 170

[email protected]


Tom Trulis

Ext. 125

[email protected]

Assistant Controller

Juanita Martinez

Ext. 130

[email protected]

Membership & Communications Manager Sarah Farmer Ext.127 [email protected]

Office Manager

Janet Martinez

Ext. 100

[email protected]

Dining Room Reservations


Ext. 110