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Sea Scouts

Sea Scouting is an exciting program for young men and women ages 14 to 21 who want to have fun and experience the rich opportunities and traditions of the sea. Opportunities include fun on the water, cruising, fellowship, leadership, and service. It's getting out on the water in sailboats, or in the water for swimming, or even under the water with SCUBA tanks on your back . You'll discover a thrill that you just can't get anywhere else.

Here is your chance to get away from it all. Living on a boat involves sharing in the duties of helmsman, navigator, lookout, cook, sail handler, or engineer. Each day offers a new destination in the morning and the changing scenery of a new harbor in the evening.
There are competitive activities such as Regatta where your ship competes with other ships in nautical skills such as communications, navigation, marlinspike seamanship, close order drill, and hoisting the scuttlebutt. There is a canoe race each Spring. Summer usually involves a one or two week long cruise. You share these experiences with others who share your interests.
Sea Scout programs are run by the youth members of each ship. Being part of a ship's crew teaches both leadership and teamwork. Sea Scouting is also service. Service to others puts your citizenship into action.

Nautilus - Tripp 47
Sails from Monroe Harbor

For Information about Sea Scouts of Chicago, Contact:
Sea Scout Ship #5111 "Challenge"
Columbia Yacht Club Sails from Monroe Harbor
Skipper Marty Bernstein
(708) 383-7004